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Test and Commissioning of Substation

GEC provides complete services including acceptance testing and commissioning of substation equipment for new installations, retrofits, repairs and maintenance. Our group of highly qualified engineers has years of experience and expertise in the test and start-up, and in general, in the commissioning of substations with the knowledge in sustainable testing process and procedures. GEC Engineers has also trained Operation and Maintenance (O&M) personnel during test and start-up activities. Some services for this scope are following:

• Monthly Inspection of Substations
• Total Combustible Gases Checked
• Annual Testing of Incoming Line Equipment
• Substation Battery Inspections & Maintenance
• Scheduled Outage Services
• SF6 Gas Handling Services
• Recloser Test and Maintenance
• Voltage Regulator Maintenance
• Power Quality/Disturbance Analysis
• Grounding System Testing
• Protective Relay test
• Circuit Breaker Testing, Maintenance and Retrofits
• Transformer Testing/Analysis & Repair
• Switchgear & Motor Control Maintenance/Retrofits
• High Voltage Detectors and High Voltage Testing.
• Partial Discharge Testing
• Low Resistance Testing
• Oil Testing